Be Berkadia Employee Spotlight: Christina McDonald

February 3, 2021

Be Berkadia Employee Spotlight: Christina McDonald

February 3, 2021

At Berkadia, our success is built upon the talent and hard work of a broad and diversely skilled team. From graphic designers to loan closing specialists to product designers, each of our people brings a unique background, perspective and expertise to their work that empowers Berkadia to redefine the commercial real estate industry.

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Christina McDonald, Marketing Project Manager supporting advisor teams in Alabama, South Florida, and Atlanta to learn more about what brought her to Berkadia and her vision for the future. Christina serves as the essential point of contact for each team and ensures resources are distributed properly to put every deal in the best position to cross the finish line.

What part of your role at Berkadia are you most passionate about?

What appeals to me the most about my role is the flexibility. Every team is different, every deal is different. It’s awesome to have the ability to create unique systems and processes for each team.

While each team has different needs, their goals are always the same: represent clients and their assets with best-in-class materials, showcase Berkadia’s full suite of expertise, and always apply that service-oriented, “Berkadia Way” touch to everything we do.

Another thing that excites me about working at Berkadia is the fast pace. One week I might be creating websites and marketing materials for a deal located in Miami, then change gears the next week for a project focused on the Birmingham metro. I also learn so much about the local culture, history, and politics of different parts of the country throughout the entire process.

What drew you to a career at Berkadia? Did you choose CRE or did CRE choose you?

Commercial real estate definitely chose me. I did not know much about the CRE industry when I got started, but it didn’t take me long to realize that Berkadia had all the core values I was seeking in a company, integrity being a top priority.

Recently I had a member of the management committee reach out to me directly as we transitioned to work-from-home to see how I was adjusting, and how my teams were doing.

Being reached out to by someone who you don’t see on a regular basis was a really unique experience. It made me feel like a person and not just a body at a desk. Which speaks to the other value Berkadia stands by, that “people matter.”

In your opinion, what do you see as the biggest challenge currently facing the CRE industry? What do you see the biggest opportunity?

I think the biggest current challenge is trying to win deals in an extremely competitive market during a global pandemic. I expect this year to be full of new uncertainties, but I also view it as an awesome challenge.

The biggest areas of opportunity I’ve seen for the industry have focused on technology. Berkadia’s data tools really give my teams a leg up when going into pitches, and it’s been amazing to see how our technology has differentiated Berkadia from our competitors.

How has your time at Berkadia helped to accelerate your personal or professional development?

This will be my fourth year with Berkadia, and I can honestly say, “Wow, where has the time gone?!”

Berkadia has helped me identify strengths I never knew I had. In the past three years, the organization has nourished my interest in business operations.

I never thought I would even remotely consider going back to school to pursue my MBA, but that is something I am strongly considering doing in 2021 so that I’m able to build a foundation and apply those principles to my career. I’m really looking forward to what my future holds as a Berkadian.