Be Berkadia Spotlight Series: Aaron Royster

April 5, 2022

Be Berkadia Spotlight Series: Aaron Royster

April 5, 2022

At Berkadia, our success is built upon the talent and hard work of a broad, diversely skilled team. From graphic designers to loan closing specialists to product designers, each of our people brings a unique background, perspective and expertise. Their work allows Berkadia to remain a leader in the commercial real estate industry.

Today, we’re shining the spotlight on Aaron Royster, Associate Director of Research, to learn more about the best advice he’s received, his passion for innovation and what he does in his spare time when he’s not driving the industry forward.

How would you describe your role at Berkadia? What part of your role are you most passionate about?

As the associate director of research, I oversee the publications team that creates ad hoc, quarterly and annual commercial real estate reports. I enjoy analyzing economic and commercial real estate data to determine trends, patterns and other insights.

Did you choose CRE or did CRE choose you? What drew you to Berkadia? What excites you most about CRE?

While I had limited commercial real estate experience prior to joining Berkadia, I knew people who worked at Berkadia, and they recommended the CRE industry and Berkadia’s corporate culture.

The CRE industry is everchanging, but one thing remains—everyone needs a place to live, underpinning the resiliency of the multifamily market.

What is the biggest current challenge (or sense of uncertainty) for CRE professionals in your sphere?

As the associate director of research, I continually strive to create innovative research products to push Berkadia as a thought leader. As an example, I traced migration patterns during the pandemic, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how quickly renters returned to urban cores in recent months.

What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself coming into the CRE industry? What is the best advice you have received?

I came into the industry open minded, and I think that benefitted me. I wouldn’t change anything about my journey. The best advice I received at Berkadia was to approach innovation like the Formula 1 pit stop. I should look for incremental changes, rather than grand revisions.

Where do you envision your career going? Has Berkadia helped to accelerate your personal or professional development?

I would like to further push Berkadia as a thought leader through research product, whether that’s new software or mediums.

I appreciate Berkadia’s commitment to personal and professional development, especially through LinkedIn Learning. I’ve also grown my commercial real estate knowledge through national research conferences.

When you’re not helping Berkadia move the industry forward, how do you spend your time?

I am a big sports fan. My father and I have been going to every National Football League (NFL) Arizona Cardinals’ home game since the franchise moved here. I am also a supporter of the United Soccer League (USL) Phoenix Rising. Beyond that, I’ll stay up to midnight to catch the latest Marvel or Star Wars releases.