Apartment Construction Timelines Update 2023

The Construction Timelines, February 2023 Research Report provides an overview of the current state of the apartment construction industry in the United States. Before the pandemic, the average construction time for a multifamily housing unit ranged from 16 to 23 months. However, starting as early as April 2020, roughly two-thirds of contractors surveyed began reporting […]

Berkadia 2022 Forecast – National Apartment Research Report

Robust Rental Demand in Recent Years Leading to Surge of New Apartments in 2022 The resilience of the U.S. apartment market was reflected in the resurgence following the onset of the pandemic. U.S. residents flocked to apartments, with annual leasing activity in 2021 reaching its highest level on record. Apartment demand was driven by quickly […]

2021 Annual Forecast

Download Berkadia’s latest multifamily research. The 2021 Annual Forecast is a definitive source of information for the U.S. apartment market. This in-depth analysis presents a wealth of valuable insights and forecasts, helping investors, developers, and industry professionals stay ahead in this dynamic sector. The report dives into key market indicators, such as rental rates, vacancy […]